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MCLI offers fast switching solutions through its pin diode switch product line. A diverse range of multiport models are currently accessible in the market, extending up to SP8T (Single Pole 8 Throw), that offer distinguished characteristics such as high isolation, low insertion loss, and rapid switching times of up to 100 nanoseconds. The absorptive models are equipped with 50-ohm terminations at each of their output ports to ensure a low voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) in both the on and off states. Reflective models perform the function of conducting RF power in a reverse-biased diode configuration and reflecting RF power in a forward-biased switch configuration.

Absorptive and Reflective Models


100 Nanoseconds Switching Speed


Low Loss, Low VSWR, Compact Size

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Part #Frequency Range (GHz)VSWR Max.Power Handling (W)Lead TimeAction
PCT-15-500/TF DC – 2.41.20:1/1.20:15008-9 Weeks Request Quote
PCT-30-NF DC – 2.41.10:1/ 1.35:1308-9 Weeks Request Quote
PCT-100-NF DC – 2.41.10:1/ 1.35:11008-9 Weeks Request Quote
PCT-150-NF DC – 2.41.10:1/ 1.35:11508-9 Weeks Request Quote
PCT-250-NF DC – 2.41.10:1/ 1.35:12508-9 Weeks Request Quote
PCT-500-NF DC – 2.41.25:1/1.20:15008-9 Weeks Request Quote
PCT-1000-716 DC – 2.41.15:1/1.35:110008-9 Weeks Request Quote
PCT-1000-NF DC – 2.41.15:1/ 1.35:110008-9 Weeks Request Quote
PCT-1500-NF DC – 0.51.25:1/ 1.25:115008-9 Weeks Request Quote
PCT-2000-NF DC – 0.51.10:1/1.10:120008-9 Weeks Request Quote
TNM-15-1000-SC DC - 2.41.35:11000 8-9 Weeks Request Quote
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