The company offers high-performance microwave components. These products are used in radar and communications systems in U.S. defense systems on the ground, in the air, and at sea.

Design Capabilities

The company has a long history of experience in microwave design, and is supported by a full complement of specialized test equipment. Quality control is strictly maintained throughout design, manufacturing, and test.

Application Served

We provide a diverse range of standard models and have years of experience creating and producing custom goods that are made to address the particular needs of our clients.


RF and microwave filters are designed to be specific in their performance by manipulating the wavelengths of radiation that they encounter. This is done through a filter’s design, including its size, shape, material composition and other factors. However, optimization can still be difficult since it often requires understanding how these components work together in order to achieve desired results.


MCLI meets the specific needs of the medical industry with a large inventory of RF components. The growing field of healthcare implements concepts that use electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support clinical medicine, patient and professional medicine, public health and healthcare administration. RF components are at the forefront of providing wireless communications for medical devices.


MCLI supports academic and research institutions that develop new technology and prototypes which service the needs of growing sectors.
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