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Part #ConnectorCategoryFrequency Range (GHz)VSWR In/OutPower Avg. (W)Lead TimeAction
 Min  Max 
PLH4-35 N/A4 Way Power Divider - High Power Lumped Element0.84.2N/A809-10 Weeks Request Quote
PS16-18 SMA Female16 Way Power Divider - Stripline1.018.0N/A10Stock - 1 Week Request Quote
PS2-11/NF N Female2 Way Power Divider - Stripline2.014.0N/A10Stock - 1 Week Request Quote
PS2-11/NF/S N Female2 Way Power Divider - Stripline2.018.0N/A10Stock - 1 Week Request Quote
PS2-168/NF N Female2 Way Power Divider - Stripline2.012.0N/A20Stock - 1 Week Request Quote
PS2-17/NF N Female2 Way Power Divider - Stripline0.514.0N/A20Stock - 1 Week Request Quote
PS2-184/TNM TNC Male2 Way Power Divider - Stripline9.011.0N/A30Stock - 1 Week Request Quote
PS2-235 SMA Female2 Way Power Divider - Stripline27.031.5N/A103-4 Weeks Request Quote
PS2-236/NF N Female2 Way Power Divider - Stripline13.7514.5N/A30Stock - 1 Week Request Quote
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