MCLI has developed a line of 3 dB Hybrids Couplers featuring broad bandwidths together with tight amplitude imbalances and phase imbalance specifications. Signal splitters, combiners, balanced mixers, image-rejection mixers, phase shifters, diplexers, switches, and antenna beam-forming networks are all functions of hybrid couplers that are employed in a variety of commercial and military applications.

Octave Band, Special Band, Multi Band and Ultra Wide-Band Models Available


Excellent Amplitude and Phase Tracking with Solid Build Construction


Many In-Stock Models and Custom Designs Available

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Part #Frequency Range (GHz)Insertion Loss (dB)Isolation (dB)VSWR In/OutAmplitude BalancePhase BalancePower Avg. (W)Lead TimeNotesAction
 Min  Max 
HB-38 13N/A201.30:1±0.3±5°30Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-39 818N/A121.80:1±0.3±5°104-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-40 0.82.5N/A281.10:1±0.3±5°50Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-41 0.8241.825N/A201.40:1±0.3±5°50Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-41/NF 0.8241.825N/A221.40:1±0.3±5°20Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-42 20221.9121.80:1±0.3±5°1Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-43 0.531.1221.20:1±0.4±4°20Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-43/NF 0.53N/A201.25:1±0.5±5°10Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-44 0.83N/A201.40:1±0.3±5°30Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-4 2.65.2N/A201.25:1±0.3±5°50Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-45 1.92N/A221.40:1±0.3±5°50Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-4/NF 2.65.2N/A201.35:1±0.3±5°50Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-45/NF 1.92N/A221.40:1±0.3±5°50Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-5 48N/A181.25:1±0.3±5°50Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-46 1.88N/A141.50:1±0.3±5°20Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-47 0.82N/A181.40:1±0.3±5°30Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-47/NF 0.82N/A181.40:1±0.3±5°50Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-48 2122.2171.40:1±0.6±7°50Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-50 18261.4181.50:1±0.6±8°24-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-51 160.8171.35:1±0.5±8°50Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-52 1.42.3N/A221.20:1±0.3±5°30Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-53 0.571.3181.40:1±0.5±5°30Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-55 23251.5171.60:1±0.6±8°14-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-57 1121.6151.60:1±0.6±8°504-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-54 0.470.86N/A201.30:1±0.3±5°300Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-57/NF 1121.7151.60:1±0.75±8°504-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-56-200 0.020.5N/A201.40:1±0.3±5°2004-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-59 10402131.70:1±1.2±10°14-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-56-200/SMAF 0.020.5N/A201.40:1±0.3±5°2004-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-60 4181.6171.40:1±0.6±6°204-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-56-200/NF 0.020.5N/A201.40:1±0.3±5°2004-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-62 181.6151.60:1±0.6±8°504-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-58-250/NF 0.82.7N/A201.25:1±0.3±5°2504-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-63 1101.6151.60:1±0.6±8°504-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-64 426.51.8151.60:1±0.8±8°204-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-5/NF 48N/A181.35:1±0.3±5°50Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-6 712.4N/A181.30:1±0.3±5°50Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-6/NF 712.4N/A181.40:1±0.3±5°50Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-7 7.516N/A151.40:1±0.3±5°40Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-76±0.2±2°204-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-75 0.53N/A191.35:1±0.3±5°2004-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-8 1218N/A151.40:1±0.3±5°40Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-77 12.518.5N/A151.40:1±0.3±5°404-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-8/NF 1.952.3N/A221.30:1±0.3±5°50Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-82 0.591.5191.40:1±0.5±20°204-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-83 226.51.8141.60:1±0.8±10°54-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-84 18402131.70:1±1.2±10°14-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-85 10402131.70:1±1.2±10°14-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-86 18503122.00:±0.9±10°204-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-87 18603.5112.10:1±0.9±10°204-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-70 0.020.5N/A201.30:1±0.3±5°10004-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-71 0.2250.41N/A201.30:1±0.3±5°1200Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-66 6402131.70:1±1.2±10°204-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-72 0.41N/A181.30:1±0.3±5°15004-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-67 1026.51.1161.60:1±0.55±6°104-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-73 0.84.2N/A181.35:1±0.3±5°1004-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-69 1.451.750.2201.30:1±0.2±2°15Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-74 0.52.5N/A191.35:1±0.3±5°2004-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-88-300/NF 118N/A161.60:1±0.3±5°300Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-94 0.220N/A161.40:1±0.3±5°100Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-9 2182.2171.35:1±0.6±7°20Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-96 0.020.520.6201.30:1±0.3±5°2504-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-9/S 2181.5151.60:1±1.0±7°20Stock - 1 WeekN/A Request Quote
HB-11/NF 0.530.8151.50:1±0.6±6°304-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-88 1181.8171.35:1±0.5±8°204-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-88/NF 1182171.35:1±1.5±10°3004-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-89 18221.5171.60:1±0.6±3°104-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-91 1618N/A151.40:1±0.3±5°404-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-92 126.52.4151.60:1±1.2±8°104-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-97 0.110.65201.40:1±1.0±5°504-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-98 1.7364.35121.85:1±1.7±12°204-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-99/NF 514.51.6171.40:1±0.5±6°204-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
HB-2-1000/NF 120.2221.20:1±0.8±3°10004-6 WeeksN/A Request Quote
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