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MCLI offers a complete variety of RF Isolator and RF Circulator solutions in drop-in, surface-mount, bespoke integrations, and waveguide configurations spanning the frequency band from 380 MHz to 40 GHz. These devices can be customized to meet precise mechanical, electrical, and operational specifications specified by the customer. The RF isolators and circulators that we offer are currently available in our inventory and are able to be expedited for shipment on the same day as the purchase order is received.

High Isolation and High Power Handling with Solid Build Construction


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Part #Frequency Range (GHz)Insertion Loss (dB) Max.Reverse Isolation (dB) Min.VSWR Max.Power Forward (W)Lead TimeAction
 Min  Max 
ML-3 0.1180.1440.6181.30:1503-4 Weeks Request a Quote
ML-4 0.1320.1500.6201.20:1503-4 Weeks Request a Quote
ML-5 0.1500.1750.6201.20:1503-4 Weeks Request a Quote
ML-6 0.1800.2100.7181.25:1203-4 Weeks Request a Quote
ML-7 0.2500.2700.7181.25:1203-4 Weeks Request a Quote
ML-8 0.4700.8621.2151.50:1153-4 Weeks Request a Quote
ML-11 0.4200.4500.35251.22:1503-4 Weeks Request a Quote
ML-1 0.0880.1081.0181.30:1503-4 Weeks Request a Quote
ML-2 0.1140.1370.6201.20:1503-4 Weeks Request a Quote
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