D6 – SP6T Octave and Broadband

MCLI offers fast switching solutions through its pin diode switch product line. A diverse range of multiport models are currently accessible in the market, extending up to SP8T (Single Pole 8 Throw), that offer distinguished characteristics such as high isolation, low insertion loss, and rapid switching times of up to 100 nanoseconds. The absorptive models are equipped with 50-ohm terminations at each of their output ports to ensure a low voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) in both the on and off states. Reflective models perform the function of conducting RF power in a reverse-biased diode configuration and reflecting RF power in a forward-biased switch configuration.

Absorptive and Reflective Models


100 Nanoseconds Switching Speed


Low Loss, Low VSWR, Compact Size

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Part #TypeFrequency Range (GHz)Insertion Loss (dB)Isolation (dB)VSWRLead TimeAction
 Min  Max 
D6-10 Pin Diode Switch, Reflective3.6254.251.3601.85:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-12 Pin Diode Switch, Reflective5.86.451.6601.85:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-1 Pin Diode Switch, Reflective0.2250.41.3601.90:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-2 Pin Diode Switch, Reflective0.51.01.2601.85:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-3 Pin Diode Switch, Reflective0.52.01.3601.85:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-4 Pin Diode Switch, Reflective0.52.51.4601.85:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-5 Pin Diode Switch, Reflective1.02.01.2601.85:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-6 Pin Diode Switch, Reflective1.03.01.3601.85:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-7 Pin Diode Switch, Reflective2.04.01.4601.85:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-9 Pin Diode Switch, Reflective2.018.03.3602.50:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-13 Pin Diode Switch, Reflective6.018.03.3602.50:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-14 Pin Diode Switch, Reflective7.28.52.3602.10:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-15 Pin Diode Switch, Reflective8.012.42.3602.10:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-16 Pin Diode Switch, Reflective12.018.03.3602.50:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-17 Pin Diode Switch, Reflective14.014.53.3602.50:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-18 Pin Diode Switch, Reflective18.026.53.8602.70:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-3/ABS Pin Diode Switch, Absorptive0.52.02.5601.60:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-3/REF Pin Diode Switch, Reflective0.52.02.2601.60:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-5/ABS Pin Diode Switch, Absorptive1.02.02.5601.60:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-8/ABS Pin Diode Switch, Absorptive2.08.03.7601.70:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-8/REF Pin Diode Switch, Reflective2.08.03.2601.60:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-11 Pin Diode Switch4.08.03.7/3.2601.70:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-19/REF Pin Diode Switch, Reflective0.312.03.4602.00:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-20/ABS Pin Diode Switch, Absorptive1.04.02.7601.60:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-20/REF Pin Diode Switch, Reflective1.04.02.4601.60:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
D6-31/ABS Pin Diode Switch, Absorptive0.011.02.5601.60:19-10 Weeks Request Quote
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