The MCLI manufacturing facility is fully capable of producing any size order of RF-Microwave Passive and Active Components. At our CNC manufacturing house, we use multiple daily shifts to ensure supply meets demand, enabling the fastest-possible turnaround time for our customers, with the quality they’ve come to expect from MCLI.

All materials to produce our components are stocked at the MCLI warehouse. Bar aluminum is quickly turned into housing to produce our components without outside delay.

A computer controlled CAD/CAM system eliminates mechanical difficulties and programming down time.

MCLI has fully automatic swiss CNC that are designed to meet custom needs. They are ran unmanned - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Swiss CNC's have the capability to design small custom parts up to .010 - 1.25 inches in diameter.

Mobile communication Systems such as PCS, Advanced Mobile Phone Systems (AMPS), Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Digital Communication Systems (DCS 1800) uses DIN, 7-16 and Type N coaxial connectors to handle high transmit power requirements. Passive Intermodulation is a form of signal distortion that occurs in a passive device such as cables or connectors. MCLI has the capability to measure various third order and fifth order intermodulation products under high power of Passive devices.

MCLI designed and engineered this complex system to test SP6T Electromechanical Switches. This system increases productivity through Controlling Sequence Multiport Testing. The programmable power supply provides selectable voltages, the VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) captures all data and runs a data specification test.